Phenomenology = The study of experience from the first-person perspective

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The first principle of phenomenology:

Perception is a construction of your mind.

So you can be taken in by illusions and vulnerable to misinterpretation

Personal Research

Explore subjective experience from the first-person perspective [phenomenology] and from the observer's perspective [psychology]:

Curb Your Dogma

click hereIt's Just Phenomenal

click hereKnow Thyself!

Know Thyself & Escape Self-Sabotage

click here Addictive [Motivational] Traps

Self-sabotaging relationship with a substance [such as alcohol, drugs, food]

Self-sabotaging relationship with an activities [such as gambling, sex/pornography].

click here Neurotic [Emotional] Traps

Self-sabotage shows up as shame, anxiety, chronic anger, relationship problems

The protocols are similar. Choose the one best suited to your circumstance.


Online collaboration is available